MetKasekor Technical Meeting for Preah Vihear: August 2023

Agriculture |

In a continued effort to advance sustainable agriculture and boost agricultural productivity, the MetKasekor Technical Meeting for Preah Vihear reconvened on August 11th, 2023. This assembly aimed to facilitate progress updates, collaborative planning, and alignment of strategies for the upcoming months. The purpose of the meeting revolved around three main objectives. Firstly, it aimed to present a comprehensive overview of the ongoing on-ground initiatives undertaken by MetKasekor. Secondly, it sought to foster productive discussions and collaborate on a detailed work plan spanning August, September, and October. Lastly, a key focus was on finalizing the precise dates for upcoming MetKasekor events and activities, thus solidifying the organization's future plans. The event commenced with a welcoming address by the Director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries of Preah Vihear (PDAFF-PVH), setting a collaborative tone for the discussions that followed. Mr. Srun Borin, Deputy- Director of the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries mentioned a great effort made by MetKasekor Technical Working Group in conducting this monthly discussion to keep the whole team updated on the progress and arrange activities to be implemented on the ground in the upcoming months.

Progress updates were presented by representatives from PDAFF-PVH and CARDEC (Conservation Agriculture Research for Development Center). These presentations offered insights into the achievements and challenges encountered during the implementation of MetKasekor's initiatives. This information allowed the participants to make informed decisions in the context of future planning.

Central to the meeting was the strategic planning for the upcoming months. The workplan for August, September, and October was meticulously deliberated upon, involving input from diverse stakeholders. This comprehensive approachensured efficient resource allocation and a synchronized approach to achieving sustainable agricultural goals.

The meeting brought together a dynamic group of 20 participants, representing a variety of organizations pivotal to agricultural development. Participants included representatives from PDAFF-PVH, the Department of Extension for Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, the Department of Agricultural Engineering (DAEng), CARDEC, the Department of Agriculture Land Resource Management, Wat4Cam project, Agroecology& Safe Food System Transition (ASSET) project, SmartAgro, CE SAIN, and Swisscontact. This diverse representation underscored the inclusive and collaborative nature of MetKasekor's endeavors.

The meeting's outcomes bear significance as they propel the journey towards sustainable agriculture in Preah Vihear.